Geographic City of Palembang

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Geographic City of Palembang is among metropolitan cities in Indonesia and are geographically situated between 2o 52 into 3o 5 South Latitude and 104o 37 to 104o 52 east longitude with a mean height of 8 metres from sea level. The total area of Palembang City is 400.61 square kilometre which is administratively divided into 16 sub districts and 107 sub districts. Palembang city is the capital of South Sumatera Province with borders on the north, east and west with Banyu Asin Regency, whilst the south is bordered by Muara Enim Regency. The natural condition of Palembang is a tropics valley of comparative valleys, with typical temperatures of most regions of Palembang City 21o- 32o Celsius, rainfall 22 – 428 mml each year.

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Based on information from the Meteorological Station. Back in 2003 the average air temperature ranged from 23.9º,-32º, Celsius, 24.04º,-32.60º, Celsius, 22.44º,-33.65º, Celsius, 26.4º,-28.9º, Celsius and 21.2º,-35.5º, Celsius. In the year 2007, the largest rain dropped in Apr with a rain of 540 mm3. Whilst the average air moisture in the year 2007 is 80%, the average wind speed is 20 km / h with the best direction from the northwest, and also the average atmospheric pressure at sea level of 1009 mbar and on the ground of 1007.5 mbar. The present protected areas in Palembang City can be categorized in two types, namely forests and swamp.

For the forest itself consists of numerous kinds of land use, including the nature reserve area and cultural heritage region. Based on the geological conditions, Palembang City has a diversified relief, consisting of alluvial soils and sandy clay. In the south-east component of the city, rocks in the shape of water borne clay sand, the north of the sandstone clay is impermeable, whereas the western kind of stones gravel clay, sand waterproofed clay before waterproof.

With regards to hydrological conditions, the city of Palembang divided on the Musi River in two main sections called Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir. Palembang City has 108 tributaries. There are 4 big rivers which cross the city of Palembang. Musi River is the biggest river with a mean width of 504 meters. The other 3 major rivers are the Komering River with a mean width of 236 meters, The Ogan River with a mean width of 211 meters, along with the Keramasan River with a mean width of 103 meters. Aside from the big rivers there are other small rivers situated in Seberang Ilir which serve as urban drainage. These small rivers possess a width which range from 3-20 meters. In the flow of those lakes you will find built a retention pond, so it becomes part of the river border.